Warm Hearts for Cold Noses

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Warm Hearts for Cold Noses

Unusual Tails of a Young Veterinarian 


    This book contains a series of short stories that took place from 1968-1974.  I had graduated from veterinary school in 1968 and arrived at my first place of employment, Somerset Veterinary Group, in Somerville, New Jersey.

    I was excited, nervous and eager to begin my career as a small animal veterinarian.

    Like most new graduates, a generous amount of guidance and patience is needed as one transitions from a classroom setting to the real world.  Eight years of schooling cannot adequately prepare young veterinarians for the unusual cases that they will undoubtedly encounter.  That takes a lifetime.

    While surviving these first years without a nervous breakdown, I collected and compiled several "unusual tails" of my own.  The short stories in this book are based upon actual cases that were recorded at that time.  The names of clients and animals, except for a few, have all been changed.

    A liberal sprinkling of fiction has been added to enhance each story.

    Thank you animal lovers for having "warm hearts" and providing a home for your pets both past and present.  It has been my pleasure to have taken care of a few of these faithful and lovable creatures.  

Advanced Reader Praise for Warm Hearts...

"Thanks for sending me Ziggy's story.  You're a great storyteller—great mixture of reality, humor and fantasy. (I love talking animals)  I can picture myself reading this to grandchildren.  I can't wait till the book comes out with the rest of your stories."  -Karen P.

"A must read for all animal lovers!"  -Frank M. 

"The story that I read brought tears to my eyes."  -Ellen B.

"Warm, Humorous and informative.  It expanded my knowledge about animals.  Now I know what a polecat is!"  -Jim T.

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